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About Us


Justino Corporation was founded in August 8, 1988 by Mr. Gregorio Cobankiat in honor of his father, the visionary, Mr. Justino Co, who paved and pioneered enterprising hardware tools, supplies and services to the construction industry here in the Philippines. Mr. Justino Co was the inspiration of how discipline, hard work, and care for everyone involved is to be included in every business; a business ethic that is still being practiced to this date and shall be done moving forward. Justino Corporation employs a staff of eighty-one regulars and one hundred twenty-six sales personnel. The company is composed of highly motivated, customer oriented and competent sales people. In addition, the company maintains complete service facilities that include equipment, tools, spare parts and well skilled technicians and engineers to support after sales service needs.


Justino Corporation is positioned in the market as a distinguished institution, which is the standard for all professional contractors and hobbyists that provide innovative solutions where contractors from Construction, Automotive and Mining Industries can find and discover different tools and equipment to help them accomplish their tasks in the economical, fastest and simplest way.


• To increase market share of the company

• To increase profit of the shareholders

• To provide the employees a better quality of life

• To provide the customers a pleasant buying experience