Service Technician

Job Description

  • Repairs: Billable and Under Warranty
  • a. Receive the unit for repair from the Internal Service Coordinator and check the unit for findings.
  • Product Testing for Product Development.
  • a. Once the unit for testing is received from the Procurement Head, the unit is subjected to testing, the unit is pried open and parts are analyzed.
  • Advisor to the QC Technicians.
  • a. Suggest to the QC Technicians to mitigate repair situations based on initial findings.
    b. Get feedback for the QC Technicians on the suggested plan of actions.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Five S.
  • a. Maximize the space in the area assigned to them.
    b. Maintain cleanliness and orderliness of their assigned areas, minimize clutter and place the empty boxes into the designated area for storage.
  • Warranty Evaluation and Recommendation.
  • a. Evaluates the unit under warranty repair and check if the customer has opened the unit and attempted to repair it, thus voids the warranty that goes with it.
    b. Enforce the policy, no warranty card or official receipt, no repair.
  • Administrative Functions.
  • Adherence to Company Policies and Procedures

  • Minimum Qualifications

  • Graduate of Automotive Mechanic or Electromechanical course and any related course.
  • bility to diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Has Driving Skills with Prof. Driver’s License.
  • With 1-3 years experience in the generator industry is an advantage.

  • Job Summary

    Educational requirement
    Graduated from college
    Retail Industry
    Job Category
    General Services
    1 opening
    Office Hours
    Monday - Saturday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

    Office Address

    #2461 Sunrise St, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines